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In Love Vs Being In A Relationship

What is the definition of settling, and what does it mean to you?

Settle- to adopt a more  steady or secure style of life, especially in a permanent job and home. So, does it sound like I'm hitting close to home with the current relationship you're in now?

Most often, we settle into relationships knowing that we are not genuinely in love because the person we truly love has  either moved on, has gotten married, or has passed away. You must let go. I know this might sound harsh, but just hear me out. You can't move on in life or fall in love again if you keep dwelling on the past.

How do you expect to experience happiness and growth in life if you're still being hindered by the  " what if's" and the  " I wish I could..." It's time to be happy and upgrade your life starting with the person you are in relationship with but not in love with.

Everyone deserves to be equally loved, so if you love someone else, or if you're not in love with your partner, or you feel  they are not in love with you, it's time to let them go. You cannot truly love someone 100% if you are stuck on a man or woman from your past.

Can I preach a little? Go a little deeper?

Stop playing with someone's heart. Stop leading them on and putting them on that emotional roller coaster. You are tormenting yourself by being with someone that you do not love. The damage you are causing can ruin the person you are currently with and cause them to be emotionally and physically damaging to the next person they get involved with. In reality, all you are doing is entertaining a relationship to kill time and null the void and fear in your heart of being alone.

Just have faith and know that GOD has someone for you. Sometimes God doesn't connect you to your chosen mate because you are the one who isn't ready. Work on being a better you, and eventually you will find someone who you truly love and who truly loves you.

Let me stop right here. I have to leave some for my soon to be released new poetry book Until then, Be Strong and Stay Free!

Your Truly


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