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Real Men Cuddle

One of the first things that men learn about women is that they love to cuddle. Whether it's before they become intimate, during intimacy, or after, women love to be cuddled, but men never cuddle with a woman they are not attracted to. It's true. When a man is connected and attracted to you, he will give you foot and back massages, and he will want to cuddle with you all the time.

But, beware! Some men will cuddle in hopes of sex. This is why the idea of cuddling can be so tricky because men are extremely sexual beings, and any intimate interaction will make them want to have sex. Any little touch of feel can make a man instantly think about sex, even if the situation is far from a sexual encounter. We cannot just turn off a pending orgasm. Our light is always set to green!

It's time to slow it down and separate sex from cuddling. There's nothing more masculine than a man who can put his desires aside to share these soft and special cuddling moments with their queen. Do what it takes to keep her happy. Men need to stop caring about what other men think. It's not called being whipped, It's called being a King and treating your Queen like royalty.

Real Men Cuddle.

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